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Aug 7, 2013 5:00pm EDT
, invitation declined. we will tell you why president obama decided to cancel a planned summit with his counterpart and russia. >> students without a home. one family's struggle to get them ready for the first day of class is. the story straight ahead. on the river boat goes auction block. that story coming up. local, late breaking, you are watching wbal-tv 11 news of a clock. your insta-weather-plus forecast with tom tasselmire. sky team 11 covering breaking news where you will live -- for you live. wbal-tv 11 news continues right now. it is a problem that is affecting every school district in the state. it is showing up even more often in baltimore city. estimated close to 3000 homeless students in city schools. >> a number that is more than doubled over the past five years. a story that is often overlooked this time of year as parents flood shopping malls to buy clothing and school supplies. to go one day home and watching tv and then being here. nowadays this is where you will find her, along tester street. they have been living in the family center about a month. >> we would have n
Aug 9, 2013 5:00pm EDT
president obama will try to lay out some specifics about his for the country. >> he will also try to make citizens feel safer about the allowed by law. >> the president is calling on congress to reform the patriot act and to increase oversight of the secret court that approves government spying on targeted individuals. president obama announced a new effort aimed at restoring public trust in government surveillance programs. >> we can take steps to put in place greater oversight, greater transparency, and constraints on .he use of authority >> for the first time, the president explained his decision to cancel a summit next month with russian president vladimir putin, saying it was not solely about russia granting asylum to edwards odin. -- edward snowden. >> it had to do with the fact that on a wide range of issues, they have not moved. on obamacare, the president effortsouse republican to repeal the law and ideological fixation. >> the idea that you would shut down the government unless you prevent 30 million people from is a badealth care idea. >> and on the prospects for averting a gov
Aug 12, 2013 5:00pm EDT
obama that is being called racist is being banned from the state fair in missouri. whether announcer repeatedly asked the crowd if they wanted to see obama run down by a bull. the crowd say they enthusiastically responded that the clowns played with his lips. effigy at ae in klan rally. to messuld be no reason with his lips if he had been a white president. missouri politicians in both parties are condemning the act. contractor responsible for saturday's event, the missouri cowboys association, may see charges. moretti boulder's crimes, many of them, work while he was serving an fbi informant. he could get life in prison. and now to some video just into our newsroom. no, a commercial break and i guess. >> there is a lot of talk about the new iphone set to launch next bob. >> we will tell you what else has been happening with the apple's latest gadget. but first -- >> i wanted to be here today to personally thank all of you and tell all of you out there how much all of your love and support hasman toomey over these very past -- over these is very difficult past few weeks. >> heart fel
Aug 8, 2013 5:00pm EDT
introducing new kool-aid liquid. >> in the last hour or so, president obama has announced he will be holding a news conference of the white house tomorrow, specifically to discuss the terror alert that has closed dozens of embassies and consulates in the middle east. nine droneafter strikes killed al qaeda targets in yemen. there are concerns that the group is getting a stronger foothold in the region. sally kidd has been monitoring the situation. she joins us live with the latest. good evening, sally. good evening, stan and donna. the white house is answering those who question the decision to evacuate the u.s. embassy in yemen. u.s. officials have stepped up security, posting check oink around the capital -- posting checkpoints around the capital. >> it is absolutely the right decision to make. >> the white house is defending its decision to close embassies and counselors, including the one in yemen. >> the decisions were made out of abundance of caution in reaction to a very real stream of information about a potential threat. say well al qaeda has been weakened, affiliated groups are thr
Aug 21, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. that nene, so that's what's going on on the outside, also on the power list, michelle and barack obama, beyonce and jay-z, and me. so pick up your copy asap. so let's go to another story. halle berry is on the german version of "interview" magazine. she says like shoes and handbags, she recently said that short hair doesn't necessarily define her, but i think she's one of the only people that looks really, really great in short and long. she as looks really good in the funky '70s. she's a bad mother. and melissa mccarthy is gracing the cover of "good housekeeping" do you have an antiacid? i have a little heart burn. my son did that to me. he said do you ever have a baby with a lot of hair, and they say that when you have acid reflux when you're pregnant, it means were liquid have a lot of hair. >> thank you.aƧ thank you brenden. so melissa mccarthy is on the ver of the december issue of "good housekeeping" magazine, and she is speaking out about her struggles about losing weight, and here is what she says -- i like her, don't you like her? she says sometimes i wish i was just magicall
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5